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Archile Paguem begins his work in Tübingen

Archile Paguem, a PhD-student from the University of Ngaoundéré, has arrived in Tübingen for a three months research stay. He is collaborating with Dr. Albert Eisenbarth (photo) at the EVE-Institute, with Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann at the ITM, and PD Dr. Adrian Streit at the MPI.  

COBE-Project started: Inauguration 28th of April at MPI-Tübingen

The new CFG-project was present in the lecture hall of the Max-Plack-Institute in Tübingen. Amongst the guests were the former German Ambassador of Yaounde, Reinhard Buchholz, the vice-director of IRAD, Yaounde, Prof. Daniel Achukwi, and many students, collegues and friends who have been collaborating with Programme Onchocercoses since longtime. For more information, download the presentation: […]

Cameroonian student has begun her research stay in Tübingen.

Babette Abanda, a graduate student from the University of Ngaoundere, Cameroon, has arrived in Germany to learn molecular-genetic techniques at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Tübingen. There, in the laboratory of Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann, she is analying genetic data from the project’s own cattle herd which is naturally infected with different parasites, like filariae, […]

PROMOS-Studienreise nach Kamerun: Jetzt auch auf Uni-Seite

The excursion of students from the Tübingen University to Cameroon has received financial support from PROMOS,  a grant from the DAAD, which is aimed at facilitating the motility and international experience of German students.  The report of our excursion is now available on the homepage of the Tübingen University: => http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/international/studieren-im-ausland/foerderungsmoeglichkeiten/promos-stipendienprogramm.html    (at the bottom: […]

New Grants for Fieldtrips Received !

PhD candidate Albert Eisenbarth receives two scholarship grants from the German Academic Exchange Program DAAD and the University of Tübingen, respectively, to continue his field studies on the epidemiology of filarial parasites in Northern Cameroon. With a total duration of 9 months he is going to study the life cycles of bovine filarial worms,  such […]