2007 – 2013:
SECRETOME The excretory/secretory products of Onchocerca filarial worms

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since 1997:
New Programme Onchocercoses Laboratory: The bovine Onchocerca ochengi model: chemotherapy, vaccination studies and population dynamics of Onchocerca parasites

Ngaoundéré, old laboratory: Bovine onchocercosis, epizootiology, search for new macrofilaricides

Soramboum: First ivermectin masstreatments along the river Vina du Nord, reduction of transmission of human onchocerciasis

Kumba: Epidemiology of onchocerciasis in the rain-forest, bionomics of Simulium vectors in different bioclimatic zones of Cameroon

Tcholliré: Epidemiology and transmission of human onchocercciasis in the Sudan savanna, Definition of tolerable levels of Transmission: ATP 100, ABR 1000