History of Programme Onchocercoses

Programme Onchocercoses began over 35 years ago in cooperation with African colleagues in Cameroon. Our local fieldstations and bush-laboratories were often far away from the main towns, in close neighbourhood to the villages, where where onchocerciasis is endemic. Riverblindness is rightly called the disease ‘at the end of the road’, but this road also lead us to villages where life was and is still  going on in the old traditional way.

Under the heading ‘History of our Project’ an overview is given over the past research projects and their results, the field-stations we build up and maintained through the years

‘History of Cameroon’ gives some very personal impressions on the traces of the interesting history of Cameroon and Africa, that we have seen during our work.

“Cameroon art” shows some impressions of local art and artists

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