Substantial Grant received by the Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung BW-Plus!

We are more than happy to announce that the Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung is going to support the strategic partnership of the University of Tübingen with Cameroonian Partners from the University of Bamenda, University of Ngaoundéré and the Institute for Agricultural Research (IRAD) in Yaoundé!

This grant shall allow the exchange of students, organization of workshops in Tübingen and Cameroon and presentation of our collaboration the the Afrika-Festival and Business-Meetings in Tübingen!


Cameroon-Excursion 2012: Microscopes received

Part of the Cameroon-Excursion 2012 shall be a teaching course on Medical Entomology & Parasitology at the University of Ngaoundéré, where the 10 students from Tübingen shall participate together with 40 master-students from Ngaoundéré. During one week, teaching sessions shall take place in the morning and excursions to field in the afternoon. A major component shall be the microscopic examination and identification of vectors and parasites by microscopy and molecular techniques. We now have received a loan of 7 Leitz microscopes from the Tübingen Institute of Tropical Medicine to use them for this excursion.

New WILD M5 dissecting microscope for Kalip

The dissecting microscope, Kalip has been using to examine Simulium flies for filarial infections, has been the oldest in our lab: It was bought in 1976 and shipped to Cameroon directly from Switzerland. For 35 years, the microscope has served in the humid rain-forest and dusty savannah. Its mechanical parts are still looking very fine, but the optics suffered from heavy fungal infections. We were happy to have received a second-hand M5 dissection microscope, of the same age, but with clean optics for very little money. Mr Schneider, the skillfull mechanics of our Zoological Institute in Tübingen, replaced one missing screw. It shall now serve for many years to come!




Issek’s New Wheel Chair

These photos show Issek, a Cameroonian artist receiving his new wheelchair. A big thank you to Dr. Irmgard Schreier from Tübingen, Germany for donating the wheelchair and Air France for priority transportation of the chair.
Issek is an artist based in Cameroon. He designed the logo for Programme Onchocercoses with Dr. Renz.