Programme Onchocercoses Laboratory in Ngaoundéré


The program has research facilities on its own compound, including a house with kitchen facilities, a large parlour, a small office and two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom for resident scientists.

There are three store rooms which provide ample space for lab equipment, cattle-food e.t.c. The supply of water and electricity is reliable.

The main laboratory building has 5 rooms: a parasitology and entomology lab for dissection of Simulium flies and examination of filarial worms, a molecular-biology lab with PCR and electrophoresis, a fly-incubation lab for producing L3, an in-vitro lab with sterile hood for incubation of Onchocerca worms a bureau with internet connection.

A large boucarou was built in 1997 by Mark Broonsvort for accommodation of the local administrator. Originally thatched with grass, his roof was replaced by aluminium in 2010.

The laboratory (at the right side in the back

Programme Oncho staff in March 2011

The guest boucarou newly roofed in 2009.

Map and Location

Größere Kartenansicht
Programme Onchocercoses Research Laboratory

Quartier Balhadji II By Pass Road, Ngaoundere, Kamerun

More on the history of our various field laboratories in the Cameroon rain-forest and savanna is presented under HISTORY OF THE PROJECT (1979-2011)