Whilst Onchocerca volvulus, the human parasite that causes riverblindness, is commonly known, there is a large number of nun-human Onchocerca and other filarial species found in cattle, game animals and birds. Their infective larvae are encountered in blood-feeding vectors and must be distinguished from the of human filarial species. Furthermore, some infective larvae of non-human species may occasionally develop in the human host and cause ‘zoonotic filariasis/onchocerciasis’

In the following, Onchocerca species of cattle and other filarial species found in Cameroon, shall be presented:


Filarial species found in Zebu cattle in Cameroon:

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Onchocerca ochengi

Onchocerca dukei

Onchocerca gutturosa

Onchocerca armillata

Setaria spec.

Dipetalonema spec.


Filarial species found in game animals:

Onchocerca ramachandrini BAIN WAHL & RENZ 1993 (warthog) – Simulium damnosum s.l.

Onchocerca hamoni (reedbok) – vector ??

Onchocerca ochengi (substrain?) (hartebeest) – vector Simulium damnosum s.l.

Robertdollfusidae (new species) – only mff found in Simulium damnosum s.l. (Bain, O. & A. Renz, 1993)

Filarial species found in birds:

Microfilaria in the blood of Streptopelia senegalensis: