Fast running rivers with limpid water in valleys that are only sparsely populated: Simulium flies choose their larval breeding sites in the most beautiful rivers in the Subsaharan Africa.

Here we present some of the most famous Simulium breeding sites in the Cameroon rain-forest and Savanna:

Vina du Sud at Galim near Wakwa/Ngaoundére:

Vina du Sud waterfall



Vina du Nord near Touboro

The river Vina du Nord near Touboro in the dry season. The daily Onchocerca volvulus transmission potential was higher than 100 L3/man, day before Ivermectin was distributed.


Mayo Galke (Cameroon)

Mayo Galké:  Simulium damnosum breeding site in the river Mayo Rey near Tchollire in Cameroon


Collection of Simulium larvae for cytotaxonomy in 1985

Doro Weyler and Christa Renz collecting Simulium damnosum larvae in the Blackwater river near Kumba in 1985.



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