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Presentation of onchocerciasis research in Cameroon at MINRESI

On September, 9th, the Regional Center of the Ministry of Research and Innovation (Ministère de la Recherche et d’Innovation) invited, on the occasion of the promotion of Dr. Manchang, Chercheur et Chef de Programme Santé Animale de l’IRAD, to a conference on the “Lutte contre l’onchocercose humaine’. MINRESI-2015-09-09 PD Dr. Alfons Renz was invited to […]

Tübingen students in the Programme Onchocercoses Lab

During the3 semester holiday 2015, three students from the Tübingen university visited the Programme Onchoceroses Laboratory in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon. They had participated in the Cameroon-seminar at the university of Tübingen and the course on ‘Vektorbiologie & Epidemiuologie’ in the Sommersaemester 2015: Francois Korbmacher: His aim was to search for pathogens in local ticks on cattle […]

Congratulations, Dr. Manchang Kingsley Tanya!

In August 2015, Manchang Kingsley Tanya from IRAD Wakwa finished his PhD in Münster with Prof. Eva Liebau. During the DFG-Secretome project he had worked in the laboratory of PD. Dr. Minka Breloer at the Bernhard-Nocht-Institut in Hamburg on the immuno-stimulating and immune-suppressive action of filarial nematode antigens. (2009-2012; Promotion 2015) : Onchocerca ochengi-derived excretory/secretory […]

Visiting scientists from the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute in Hamburg

Emmanuela Anandarajah and Dana Ditgen from the helminthiasis-immunology-lab of PD Dr. Norbert Brattig came to the Programme Onchocercoses laboratory in Ngaoundéré to focus on gastro-intestinal helminths of cattle. During their 5-weeks stay, they shall, in collaboration with the colleagues from IRAD-Wakwa, identify the variety of nematodes found in the gut of cattle in Nord-Cameroon, in […]

Alexander Schinko back to Cameroon

Dipl. biol. Alexander Schinko, who has been in Cameroon already during our students excursion in the last year, has come back to the project in January. He is an  entomologist and wanted to aid in the studies on the vectorial efficiency of local Simulium damnosum s.l. flies and in the production of O. ochengi infective […]

Filariasis-Meeting in Paris, 26-27th of September

The International Filariasis Meeting (IFM 2014) is focused on new concepts and approaches in the study of filariasis, their diversity and those of their endosymbiotic bacteria Wolbachia, and their interaction with vertebrate hosts and arthropod vectors. The program will feature a wide range of topics, such as filarial diversity, host and parasite co-evolution, filarial developmental […]

BMZ-GIZ Meeting Berlin: Chancenkontinent Afrika

  “Chancen gemeinsam nutzen” – To take advantage of chances together: This was the theme of a meeting of the German Ministry of Cooperation (BMZ) and GIZ held in Berlin on September 12th, 2014. More than 100 delegates from African and German organizations met with the minister Gerd Müller, the states secretary Dr. Günther Nooke, […]

New COBE-DFG-University of Bamenda lab at IRAD Bambui, Bamenda

In the frame of our COBE project, partner Dr. Flore Nguemaim Ngoufo from the University of Bamenda (UB) has set up her ouwn entomological lab in a building of the IRAD-Bambui Centre (Director Dr. Ebangui). Together with her collegues Moses and Ceril from the UB, she conducts entomological studies on Simulium biting densities and Onchocerca-transmission […]