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Programme Onchocercoses at the Tuebingen Afrika-Festival

Programme Onchoceroses made a debut presentation at the Afrika-Festival 2014, which took place in Tübingen from July 17th to 20. Lots of visitors came to our tent, amongst the many, his Excellency, the Ambassador of Cameroon in Berlin, Jean-Marc Mpay, the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Coooperation and Development Hans-Joachim Fuchtel and […]

Just published: P. Wenk, A. Renz: Malaria: Wettrüsten oder Selbstkontrolle?

It is the biological background of the life-cycle of Plamodium parasites and their triggy philosopy of survival that makes it so difficult to control malaria. In the prestidious Naturwissenschafliche Rundschau Peter Wenk and Alfons Renz just published a comprehensive review of the life-history of these protozoa. Eukaryotic parasites behave much different if compared to prokaryotic […]

Afrika-Festival 2014 in Tübingen

Programme Onchocercoses shall be present, for the first time, at the Afrika-Festival in Tübingen, which takes place from Thursday, 17th to Sunday, 20th of July. More information about the entire program on: – and on: www.afrikafestival.net

Examination of cattle herds started in North Cameroon with view to QTL-studies

With its high bio-climatic diversity, Cameroon harbours a large variety of bovine hosts and their respective parasites. Whilst our primary aim is to study the epidemiology of Onchocerca-parasites in cattle and men, we now enlarged our fous on other cattle parasites and diseases too: Tsetse flies and trypanosomes, ticks, piroplasmidae and Dermatophilus, Culicidae and Setaria, […]

Loulou Peisl and Albert Eisenbarth back from Cameroon

During the last 10 years, the Simulium damnosum s.l. populations at the river Vina du Sud near Galim decreased considerably, as indicated by the declining biting rates on human fly-collectors. Yet the reason for this is not clear: Is it due to ecological changes in the micro-environment of the local breeding sites, parasites of the […]

Manchang’s paper on immune recognition of Onchocerca proteins published!

Immune recognition of Onchocerca volvulus proteins in the human host and animal models of onchocerciasis T.K. Manchang, I. Ajonina-Ekoti, D. Ndjonka, A. Eisenbarth, M.D. Achukwi, A. Renz, N.W. Brattig, E. Liebau and M. Breloer Abstract    Onchocerca volvulus is a tissue-dwelling, vector-borne nematode parasite of humans and is the causative agent of onchocerciasis or river […]