Tübingen students in the Programme Onchocercoses Lab

During the3 semester holiday 2015, three students from the Tübingen university visited the Programme Onchoceroses Laboratory in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon. They had participated in the Cameroon-seminar at the university of Tübingen and the course on ‘Vektorbiologie & Epidemiuologie’ in the Sommersaemester 2015:

Francois Korbmacher: His aim was to search for pathogens in local ticks on cattle (Amblyomma variegatum and Boophilus decoloratus, mainly).

Sophia Stiegler: She injected microfilariae of bovine Onchocerca species into local Simulium flies to follow-up their develoopment to infective L3 larvae.

Freya Zettl: She takes movies of moving microfilariae in different media to analyse the specific movements of various Onchocerca species isolated from the skin of cattle and from the uterus of gravid female worms.


hotos of their work are shown in the galerie.