DAAD-Grant Received

DAAD-grant received for Stephanie in November 2010

Starting in January 2012, they will stay for 2 (or three months) in Cameroon to work in our project and to collect data for the thesis of diploma. Their work shall focus on the population biology of Onchocerca worms and their arthropod vectors.

This information came from Dr. Dorothea Weyler, head of the department of DAAD responsible for West and Central Africa. 25 years ago, in 1985, she was a student at the Bonn university and came to do her thesis of diploma in our project in Cameroon. In fact, she was the first student who did a degree with Christa an me in the onchocerciasis project in Cameroon (cf. photo). She worked on Simulium damnosum populations in the rain-forest and savanna.

We wish a similar success and longlasting engagement for scientific research in Africa to Stefanie and Daniela!

More on their projects and details of their proposed work will follow.

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