Cand. biol. Daniela Renz  (UT)

   AG Parasitologie (PD Dr. A. Renz)

   LS Vergl. Zoologie (Inst. EVE)

   Auf der Morgenstelle 28

   72076 Tübingen

   Phone:   +49-7071-29-78862      



Programme Onchocercose
PO Box 65 Ngaoundere, CAMEROUN

Ms. Daniela Renz studies biology at the University of Tuebingen. Her main interests are Zoology and Parasitology. In her thesis she investigates the sex ratio of Onchocerca ochengi  third-stage larvae during transmission. For this study she uses molecular as well as morphological classifications to differentiate the sex of L3’s. In order to study the parasite and its infective larvae (L3) , she spent three months in Ngaoundere, Cameroon, granted by a scholarship from DAAD. In Cameroon, the parasites were collected in the field to analyze the still living third-stage larvae under the microscope in the lab. The attacking and landing behavior of Simulium sp. on cattle is also a part of her work, conducted together with her fellow student Stephanie Maier.

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