Prestigeous grant for Dr. Albert Eisenbarth!

We are very happy to announce that Albert Eisenbarth was successful with his application for a RISK-grant of our faculty!

These grants are ment to support young Postdoc researchers to develop their own ideas and projects. His specific idea focuses on novel methods of identifying parasitic pathogens in cattle with an aim to link the susceptibility or resistance of different cattle breeds to their genetic traits. Cameroon has not only a tremendous load of parasites in cattle (trypanosomes, piroplasmids, filariae, gastro-intestinal nematode worms, Eimeria, cestodes and flukes etc.), but also a variety of cattle breeds (taurine and Zebu species). Some breeds are more (or less) resistant (or susceptible) to the local pathogens and could thus constitute a basis for a rational approach to increase cattle productivity. Unfortunately disease resistance is linked, as a general rule, to poor meat and milk productivity.

To gether with our Cameroonian colleagues and PhD-students he shall develop new molecular techniques for the identification of parasites and traits of resistance and susceptibility.

His application was among the two bests of our faculty. Thus he has been invited to re-enforce his application with an option to increase its budget from the 35.000 Euro, that he has already received, to a total of 100.000 Euro.

We congratulate him for this great success, which shall open new aspects for long-lasting collaboration between Tübingen and Cameroon researchers.

Alfons Renz

Albert-Eisenbarth-Rigorosum Dr. Albert Eisenbarth, university of Tübingen