Tübingen students in the Programme Onchocercoses Lab

During the3 semester holiday 2015, three students from the Tübingen university visited the Programme Onchoceroses Laboratory in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon. They had participated in the Cameroon-seminar at the university of Tübingen and the course on ‘Vektorbiologie & Epidemiuologie’ in the Sommersaemester 2015:

Francois Korbmacher: His aim was to search for pathogens in local ticks on cattle (Amblyomma variegatum and Boophilus decoloratus, mainly).

Sophia Stiegler: She injected microfilariae of bovine Onchocerca species into local Simulium flies to follow-up their develoopment to infective L3 larvae.

Freya Zettl: She takes movies of moving microfilariae in different media to analyse the specific movements of various Onchocerca species isolated from the skin of cattle and from the uterus of gravid female worms.


hotos of their work are shown in the galerie.

Afrika-Festival Tübingen 2015

The Afrika-Festival Tübingen 2015 has started!

The Programme Onchocercoses team presents its activities in the ‘Cameroon village’. 19 pagode tents are grouped together to represent Cameroon, which shall be the country in focus of this year’s festival.


Start of the Festival on Thursday: Situated close o the ntrance of the ‘Cameroon Village’, our tent shall be the first to be seen by the visitors when they enter the village. However and unfortunately, the guests from Cameroon had not received their visa in time!! The German Embassy in Yaounde had not benn capable to grant them the visa necessary for travel to Germany. This was true as well for the guests of the festival as for our four students from Cameroon, which we had invited. These students from the universities of Ngaoundéré and Bamenda should have participated in the presentation of the Programme Onchocercoases project. Then, starting on Monday, they were expected to participate in a two wekks workshop on new molecular techniques in medical entomology, held by Albert Eisenbarth and Babette Guimbang.

On Friday, the Africa-Business-Meeting and Embasadors Talk to place in a large tent on the festival. Mr. Otto Erbe, head of the Industrie und Handelskammer welcommed the guests and introduced the speakers. After the talk, his Excellency Jean-Marc Mpay, Embasssador of Cameroon to Germany and his wife visited the Programme Onchocercoses presentation. They highly appreciated the work done in collaboration with IRAD and the universities of Bamenda and Ngaoundéré and had a long talk with Ms Babette Guimbang, who recently had received a teach-at-tübingen grant.

On Friday evening, a heavy thunder-storm went over the festival and forced the visitors to refugee under the tents.

On Saturday however, a very heavy storm sadly forced us to finish our exhibition. Many tents were destroyed.

In summary, we had a strong and interesting presentation at the festival, which this year was extremely well prepared by the organisors. Unfortunately, the Cameroon Village was left deserted because of the problems in obtaining the visa for the representatives of Cameroon.

More pictures from the festival on the homepage of the local newspaper: http://www.tagblatt.de/Home/bilder/bilder-lokales_autoplay,1_mmid,5797.html#454092

Alfons Renz

Kamerun-Zeltstadt-Afrika-Festival-2015Cameroon-village Aufbau-2 Cameroon-village Aufbau Zelt Programme Onchocercoses 2 Zelt Besucher Programme-Onchocercoses-Zelt Mikroskope Mikroskop Zelt-Prog-Oncho 4 Team Zelt-Prog-Oncho 3 Albert Besuchertin aus Kenya Besucherin aus KenyaCameroon-village-2 Cameroon-village-3 Freitag-1 Freitag-2-Kameruner-Botschafter Freitag-2-Kameruner-Botschafter-2 Freitag-2-Kameruner-Botschafter-3 Freitag-2-Kameruner-Botschafter-4 Freitag-3-Business-Forum Freitag-3-Business-Forum-2 Freitag-3-Business-Forum-3 Freitag-3-Business-Forum-4 Freitag-3-Business-Forum-5 Freitag-3-Business-Forum-6 Freitag-3-Business-Forum-7 Freitag-4-Cameroon-village Freitag-4-Cameroon-village-2 Freitag-4-Cameroon-village-3 Freitag-4-Cameroon-village-4 Freitag-5-Festival Freitag-5-Festival-2 Freitag-Besucher-1 Freitag-Besucher-2 Freitag-Besucher-3 Freitag-Besucher-4 Freitag-Besucher-5 Freitag-Besucher-6 Freitag-Besucher-7 Freitag-Besucher-8 Freitag-Besucher-9 Freitag-Prof-Eichner Freitag-Prof-Eichner-2 Kamerun-Zeltstadt-2-Afrika-Festival-2015 Kamerun-Zeltstadt-Afrika-Festival-2015 Mikroskop Mikroskope Programme-Onchocercoses-Zelt Zelt Besucher Zelt-Prog-Oncho 4 Team Zelt-Prog-Oncho 5 Team Zelt-Prog-Oncho 6 Team Zelt-Prog-Oncho 7 TeamFriday-storm-in-the deserted-village-1Heavy-storm-Impossible-to-open-doorHeavy-storm-3Fighting-against-the-storm Fighting-against-the-storm-2Heavy-storm-2Heavy-storm  Friday-storm-in-the deserted-village-tent-destroyed  Destroyed-tent

Substantial Grant received by the Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung BW-Plus!

We are more than happy to announce that the Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung is going to support the strategic partnership of the University of Tübingen with Cameroonian Partners from the University of Bamenda, University of Ngaoundéré and the Institute for Agricultural Research (IRAD) in Yaoundé!

This grant shall allow the exchange of students, organization of workshops in Tübingen and Cameroon and presentation of our collaboration the the Afrika-Festival and Business-Meetings in Tübingen!


Teaching grant for Babette Abanda Guimbang!

Within the Initiative for Excellency of our university, young lecturers from foreign academic institutions are invited to teach in Tübingen. Ms Babette Abanda Guimbang from the University of Ngaoundére is amost those selected to teach at the faculty of natural sciences.

During the summer semester 2015 she shall share with us her knowledge on the epidemiology and control of human and cattle parasites in Africa. Moreover she shall participate in lectures on the vectorbiology and control of Neglegted Tropical Diseases and organize a seminar on the particular aspects of those parasitic diseases endemic in Cameroon. Together with Albert Eisenbarth, she shall prepare a practical on laboratory methods of molecular tools of vector and parasite identifications. She shall also prepare a group of students from the Tübingen university to participate in an excursion to Cameroon in summer 2015, soon after the end of the semester.

Congratulations for this new grant!

Congratulations for this new grant!

Lottie Duke is running the Bath Half Marathon for Sightsavers

Lottie Duke is running the 2014 Bath Half Marathon 2014 on 2nd March in aid of Sightsavers.

Lottie’s father, Brian was a Doctor of Tropical medicine and his vision was to eradicate the disease River Blindness, commonly found in Sub Saharan Africa and Central America, that results in loss of sight. Unfortunately, Brian passed away in 2006. Lottie is committed to supporting her Father’s work on River Blindness by supporting Sightsavers, an international organisation that work in more than 30 countries to eliminate avoidable blindness and support people with visual impairments to live independently.

Click on the link below to read more about Lottie and her cause..


PROMOS-Studienreise nach Kamerun: Jetzt auch auf Uni-Seite

The excursion of students from the Tübingen University to Cameroon has received financial support from PROMOS,  a grant from the DAAD, which is aimed at facilitating the motility and international experience of German students.  The report of our excursion is now available on the homepage of the Tübingen University:

=> http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/international/studieren-im-ausland/foerderungsmoeglichkeiten/promos-stipendienprogramm.html    (at the bottom: Parasitologische Exkursion nach Kamerun)

New Grants for Fieldtrips Received !

Albert EisenbarthPhD candidate Albert Eisenbarth receives two scholarship grants from the German Academic Exchange Program DAAD and the University of Tübingen, respectively, to continue his field studies on the epidemiology of filarial parasites in Northern Cameroon. With a total duration of 9 months he is going to study the life cycles of bovine filarial worms,  such as Onchocerca gutturosa, O. armillata and Setaria labiatopapillosa, and to discover more of the yet unknown filarial species in the game fauna roaming in Cameroons National parks.

3rd Meeting of German-African Projects in Infectiology in Bonn, June 2012

After Berlin (2010) and Accra (2011), this 3rd meeting of DFG-sponsored projects was held in Bonn.

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Tuebingen, A University of excellence!

We are proud to announce on our homepage that on Friday 15th June, the University of Tuebingen was awarded the distinction of University of Excellence by the German Research Counsil.

This is a very important award and underlines the excellent work the University has contributed to German research and education.

Medical Entomology Workshop in Ngaoundere

In March 2012, a one week course in Medical Entomology, Parasitology, Immunology and Molecular Biology was held at the University of Ngaoundéré.